Sunday, April 6, 2014

Adieu to ze olde shed

Ze Olde Shed...
Inside the shed, nice view of the collapsing roof
Removing temporary tarps and roofing asphalt
I heard sounds of a chain saw outside today, and went out to investigate.

I guess this is the year we take down the old collapsing shed that somehow has made it through four new England winters since we inherited it.

I wouldn't call the structure exactly "safe" and it is quite an eye sore.  The husband remarked that it was originally cobbled together with bits and scraps.  He found some knob and tube wiring and thought maybe it once had electricity, but upon further investigation seems that they just reused a board that had once been in the house and didn't both to remove the electrical conduits.

He is a little sad to see it go, because he now has to figure out what to do with the stuff he keeps inside it (um yes that is why he built the other shed, but apparently a shed can never be big enough).  More on shed

I am not going to miss it one bit.

Phase 1: remove tarps and asphalt roofing material

Phase 2:  dismember shed, salvaging usable boards (?!)

Phase 3: have a big bonfire

Phase 4:  Rake the area and maybe reseed grass or plant shrubs

Man defying odds of falling through roof of shed

View from the back - can you see why I want this gone?

Another view from the back with that crazy man on top...

Removing the weather-beaten tarps...