Thursday, April 3, 2014

My garden is your toilet...

Those little round brown things = bunny berries

Garden Bed or Bunny Bathroom? You decide!

I understand that you can train rabbits to use a litter-box.  Or, you can put in a small garden with some nice soil and a welcome mat.  The husband says bunnies make good fertilizer so I had to shake my Magic 8 ball (aka Google) to see if that was true ("signs point to yes").  What I found out is that "bunny berries" can be used directly on plants and yes they are good for the soil.  You can scoop up berries and add directly to soil/plants, make aged manure, or brew into tea.   I can see me now, brewing and selling bunny berry tea (for plants not people) at the Farmer's Market this summer.  Hmmm...maybe not.

An interesting fact is that "One doe and her offspring will produce over one ton of manure in a year."   I don't even want to guess how many rabbits we have hopping around.  Let's just say, that is a lot of poop!  

Click here for all the things you never wanted to know about rabbit poop.  

Of course the cat is a different story.  I have also caught her in the act.   She is not so garden friendly.  Not quite sure how to encourage the rabbits and discourage the cat...