Monday, April 14, 2014

Pickle Town

Welcome to Pickle Town.

What you see here are pickle houses.

The laws to abide by in Pickle Town are very simple:

1. Do not hunt, hurt, maim, eat, or otherwise bother pickles in all their forms including cucumbers, tartar sauce and relish.

2. Do not call the Mayor by his nickname, "Mayor Big Buns."

Apparently there was a problem with the citizens of Pickle Town, referring to the Mayor of town by his nickname.  He got very upset and banished himself (okay he ran away).  Then he came back as a farmer.
 Now the town has no Mayor and it is a pretty lawless place.  I hear there are squatters, taking over vacant pickle houses.

I am not sure what will happen to the poor people of Pickle Town, if they will be able to live again in harmony or if the town will become a ghost town full of tumble weeds, or worse a town of pickle eating people.  Some long for the return of Mayor Big Buns, wherever he may be...

I did not make this up.  This was documented and told to me by the inhabitants themselves (otherwise known as my children).