Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Spring...

Forsythia starting to bloom

This has been a cold, wet spring.  April has behaved more like March.  In like a lion, still waiting for the lamb...  I think the temperature has hit 70.  Once.  I wore sandals without socks. Twice.

This week, the last week of April, temperatures are back to the 40s!  April is hanging on, the lion still sinking his teeth in.  I shut the heat off in the upstairs of our house only to have the husband turn it back on last night.  It is cold and damp and overcast.

Hopefully May will be different.  It would be nice to enjoy some spring weather before the humid summer.  There are signs that spring is here.  The crocuses have bloomed (then froze and died).  The daffodils are emerging.  The Forsythia is just starting to bloom and the tulip tree is getting ready to burst into full bloom.  It is late this year, but proof that the warmer weather is coming.
Tulip Tree ready to burst into bloom

We have two more days left on our burn permit.  Always a last minute scramble to get as much done as possible, until next year.

In May begins the outside work of finishing the painting on the front of the house, adding lattice and landscaping, and beginning painting the side of the house that we re-sided late last fall.

The to-do list is ominous and lengthy. Welcome spring!