Friday, April 4, 2014

The husbands life in an antique farmhouse

This is a secret project that I am not allowed to tell you about...
I told the husband that I was doing NaBloPoMo this month. He said "yeah I know, a co-worker told me".

It is nice that he learns about his life from others. I didn't think of it this year, but next April Fools Day I am going to post something scandalous and see how long it takes him to yell at me. Then I can sweetly say "April Fools".

This year, all I did was run up the basement stairs yelling "Honey there are about eight snakes down here..."  He rushed down to check it out as I yelled "Got Ya." Then I ran, but not before he grumbled, "honestly it wouldn't surprise me if there was an alligator down there." He's got a point.

Anyway, I told him that I need 30 days worth of material and that he better get cracking. He didn't exactly like that. He told me that I do a bad job documenting all his work around here and only post things when I feel like it and that I didn't even show you the completed walls from my previous post.

I have to remind him that this blog is called "Modern LIFE in an antique farmhouse" not "The husband renovates an antique farmhouse". After all, I hold full creative license and shouldn't he be happy to be featured so often?! Then I tell him he is free to create his own blog and he says "maybe I will". But, we both know that day will never come. Plus, there is no way he is as funny as I am, I mean come on, just live with me (that is a joke, sort of).

So to make him happy and to complete day four, here are some fabulous pictures of the hallway with walls. He said I can't tell you about his current project, but I can tell you that he will be working on the dining room closet next.  Yay!

Hallway and front door walls

Stairway walls

Walls around the bathroom