Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spooky sleeping during the day, demanding attention at night.
There is definitely some bad juju going down. 

First, the germs hit - staff infection, scarlet fever, viral coughing. I believe we are at the epicenter with mailbox bashing going on at one end of the road and rock wall dismantling and hurling on the other. Then an infected skunk turns up. Hmmm...coincidence?

Monday night, after six weeks of no nocturnal wanderings, my "stay in my bed all night" streak ended. Yup. It's not entirely my fault, the husband was doing things he shouldn't be (besides touching wild skunks) and trying to put me (or my essence) into a canister and send me into space for FIVE YEARS. I was having none of it! I found myself flying out of bed and pacing the hallway. I was so mad.

I went back into my room to yell things like:
"Do you know what you are doing?" No response.
"You can't do this." No response.
"I KNOW what you're doing!!!!"

Still no response, so I stomped away and went to sleep with my twelve year old, who at least has a full-size bed. As I reached his room (after tripping twice over nerf guns and whatnot) he said "what are you doing in here?" I didn't know if *he* was asleep or awake (he talks in his sleep but stays in his bed). I didn't bother trying to explain, just climbed into bed, commandeered some covers, stole a pillow and attempted to get back to sleep.

Unfortunately my plan didn't entirely work as my son and I, and two of his friends were stuffed into canisters and sent into space anyway. Probably by the evil husband. But, the good news is that we didn't have to stay for five years.

The bad news is that he sleeps with our large 18 pound Maine Coon cat who decided to walk on me and wake me up no less than twice during the night to be petted. If that wasn't bad enough, the ducks started quacking loud enough to wake me up at the crack of dawn, wanting to be fed. "How do you sleep in this zoo?" I asked him. I am not sure that I am invited back.

It turns out the husband did get up (not until 5am) to check the youngest bed (nope), the bathroom (nope) and then looked out the window to see if my car was in the driveway (it was). Then he went back to bed, assuming I was at the gym! I might need to get a watch dog. You know, one that can follow me around while I sleepwalk, and then I can let it outside in my fugue state and we can wander around the neighborhood together. Hmmm...

Actually I blame Dr. Who, even though I watched it two nights prior... That show is the reason my six year old will not go anywhere in the house alone (including the bathroom)...

Last night I did manage to stay in my own bed the whole night, except for one trip to the bathroom. Prior to leaving the room, I asked the husband if he would like to come with me. Apparently I am under house arrest and not supposed to go anywhere unsupervised. I think that was also a dream, but maybe not. He didn't respond so I risked it and went alone. And came back.