Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Plantings...

The FedEx truck delivered our seedings this weekend.  Yesterday, we got most of them into the ground.

After debating how far from the front of the house shrubs should be, me insisting they are too far, the husband too close, we planted two blue hydrangas and one weigela.   These are very small right now, but should fill out nicely in a few years...if they live.

This is what the mature plants looks like (images thanks to Better Homes & Gardens).

Weigela Blue Hydrangea

We also planted some old fashioned lilac near the driveway and a reblooming lilac, that blooms all summer long, near the kitchen window.
Old Fashioned LilacJosee Reblooming Lilac

The kids also picked out some edible plants - we added a row of four sand cherries by the stream, one almond tree in the back and we have yet to plant a thornless blackberry.

Dwarf, flowering cherryAlmond tree

Thornless blackberry