Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to electrocute your husband...

Not my actual husband - from Mike Kemp/Rubberball Productions/Getty Images
Step 1.  blow a fuse in your home
Step 2.  decide to fix it yourself
Step 3.  go in basement and switch all the off fuses to on.
Step 4.  test - fuse still blown
Step 5. go upstairs to sub-panel and switch all the off fuses to on.
Step 6.  test - fuse still blown
Step 7.  report problem to husband who explains that when a fuse is blown it does not go to "off" but rather to the middle and you need to click it to off then on to reset (oh!)
Step 8.  Reset tripped fuse by following step 7.
Step 9.  test - all power is restored
Step 10.  Don't reset all the others back to "off"
Step 11.  Forget to mention that you switch everything to "on"
Step 12.  Wait for yelling when wiring projects commence...

Disclaimer: No husbands were actually hurt in the writing of this blog.  Slightly shocked and stunned maybe, but not actually electrocuted.