Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Very bad, no good, terrible, rotten week...

It has been one of those weeks where if things can go wrong, they will...

The week started with the basement flooding, making getting to the laundry interesting to say the least.  Three days later, it is still flooded.

Then my car started making strange noises.  Airplane loud strange noises.

My fitbit died (if you don't understand why this is so upsetting then you just don't understand...)

My youngest woke up in the middle of the night with a fever.

Then I got stuck in the mud for over an hour trying to leave for work.

I had to pay $500 for a new alternator to stop the strange car noise.

And it is only Wednesday.


Huge thank you to Pat who came to the rescue with his Jeep and tow strap.

Pilchy the cat wants no part of this.

The husband tries digging it out...

Pat comes to the rescue with a smile and his Jeep 
I have decided that my  next vehicle will be all wheel drive.  Or better yet 4 wheel drive.  A Jeep.  Or maybe a tractor!!!  Before you ask, yes paving the driveway is "on the list".