Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Man builds shed...

I really lobbied hard to buy a shed this summer.  I found a company with free delivery and set-up, add water and instant shed!, but the man wanted to build his own.  I guess the opportunity to build something new from the ground up instead of demolishing years of filth and rodent remains was just too tempting...
Needless to say, the "little" project has been on-going since June.  Our good friend Dave (we shall call him Mr. Sr. Design Engineer) has been assisting T with the project.  Between the two of them they have done quite well with a pile of boards and some rough scribbles on a napkin that went through the wash.  What you wanted a shed plan?
Name the structure...poll This is absolutely a back yard shed. 33.33% (1 votes) Major man cave 66.67% (2 votes) He's moving out - that's a cottage 0% (0 votes)
"I thought it would be more like Lincoln Logs"
Hmmm...isn't it a little big?  
Two men, one nail gun.
The emerging post and beam structure
Contemplating where to put the beer fridge...