House History

Here is what we know about the history of the house that we purchased:

Newhall homestead

Artists rendition of original photograph

Lynville Stanton Newhall (1837-1909) married Sarah E. Jodrie (1851-1933).  They were both originally from Nova Scotia.  They had two children, Arthur Wendall Newhall (1879-1968) and Adeline M. Newhall (1882-1962).

Lynville Newhall built the house circa 1900.  In 1903 his son Arthur married Nellie Taylor Sawyer(1878-1954).   They had two children, Helen Phyllis (born 1907) and Virginia M. (1913-1978).

Upon Lynville's death in 1909 he willed the house to his son Arthur.  Arthur was a farmer and milk dealer.  He lived there with his maiden-aunt sister Addie, his Mother Sarah and his wife and two daughters.

Arthur transferred the house in September 1968 to Donald and Ruth Crews, a month before he died of pneumonia.

Newhall family in 1922 - Back row: Addie M. Newhall (sister age 37), Helen P. Newhall (daughter age 15), and Arthur S. Newhall (42).  Front row: Sarah E. Newhall (mother age 68), Virginia M. Newhall (daughter age 9), and Nellie T. Newhall (wife age 43).

Herman Newhall owned the colonial on the right hand side.  Across the street was Arthur Newhall's home.  The large dairy barn and silo are no longer standing.

Newhall gravestone - Oak Hill Cemetery Sterling, MA

We are the 8th owners.