Thursday, July 28, 2011

If you give a house a cookie...

If you decide to redo your living room

You will want to put up new wallboard.

If you put up new wallboard

You are supposed to start with the ceiling.

If you start with the ceiling

You will need to fix the pipes

If you want to fix the pipes

You will need to renovate the entire bathroom

If you renovate the one bathroom

You will need first to put in a half-bath.

If you put in a half-bath

You will need to replumb the basement.

If you replumb the basement

You first need to fix the basement stairs.

If you fix the basement stairs

You will need to take down the defunct chimney

If you take down the defunct chimney

You will need to remove two more walls.

If you remove two more walls

God knows what projects you will find in there!