Friday, March 2, 2012

Small Bathroom News

It's good new this time, really!  The basement posts are finished and the bathroom can commence.


The sub floor has been screwed down, the thin set troweled on and the backer board screwed down over the wet thinset so the board adheres to the subfloor as it dries. The screws serve to tighten the board into the thinset.

[caption id="attachment_760" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="First Layer of Thin Set"][/caption]

Now we are ready to lay out the tile and then thin set that in place over the backer board, then grout. I caught my daughter in there stroking the tile (it is glazed and very smooth) and exclaiming that it was the same tile as our bathroom in our previous house. It is actually.

The husband said the tile will be done upon my return (I am going away for the weekend). We shall see... I heard him complaining (to himself) that he would rather deal with insulation or dig holes in the basement than tile. Perhaps, THAT partially explains the delay...