Thursday, November 11, 2010

Closet Squirrel!

It was a rather exciting start to my day...rummaging around in my closet for something to wear I heard a noise. I stopped to listen and heard it again.

Doing what every self-respecting wife would do I called on hubby to investigate while I removed myself to the hallway. What do you know, out jumped a little scruffy squirrel. He gave me quite a dirty look as he scampered across the room and under my bed.

At that point he disappeared. This is a bit more worrisome as he apparently has some sort of escape hatch and probably explains the nighttime wall noises...

I did some research on squirrels in the attic (and closet) and this is what I discovered from

What type of Squirrels are in my attic?
Our area is home to 2 types of attic-dwelling squirrels- flying squirrels and gray squirrels. Both species will generate a considerable amount of noise in ceilings and walls. As a general rule of thumb, noises at night are usually from flying squirrels and noises during the day (or at dawn and dusk) is from gray squirrels.
How many Squirrels could possibly reside in my attic?
It is common for us to find 1-5 gray squirrels residing in an attic. In the spring when the juvenile gray squirrels become mobile we often see 5-8 squirrels in attics. Flying squirrels are found in much greater numbers. Most flying squirrel infestations we see have between 6-12 flying squirrels. However it is not uncommon for us to find upwards of 25 flying squirrels in an attic. In February of 2005 we removed 41 flying squirrels from an 1100 square foot attic in Medfield Ma.
I am getting a little bit worried now! Apparently we have to evict them all and then seal up all the holes. I might get a quote from the bat guys - I can see me and hubby being slowly driven insane trying to get them out (who knows how many are up there?!) and you should see all the potential access holes.