Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Antique Farmhouse 101

This is the story of a lovely farmhouse...the issues as we know them:

  1. wet basement - moisture seeps in via old leaky bulkhead, via porch roof that is no longer there, via peaks and valleys. Furnace has a concrete moat (never a good sign)
  2. critters abound - lots of holes in roofline which allow attic access to furry friends - lots of scratching in walls, especially in living room remuddling - yup I'll be getting to that
  3. kitchen - ugh - patched ceiling, patched floors (flooring is hardwood, tile and plywood), hideous light fixtures - old school track lighting with florescent bar and art deco -
  4. crap rooms - unfinished rooms - originally a porch built with scraps, workmanship amateurish think 3rd grader - live wires - bouncy floors - gaps in walls and roofing but a new roof!
  5. ONE bathroom. Upstairs. Hot toilet (seriously, the tank water is hot and makes lots of condensation), salon sink with sprayer, no ventilation, awkward layout...need I go on. You could stop me at the word "one"
  6. Living room "project" - must see to believe. I think this one deserves an entire post. Let's just point out the basics here... Hard wood floors cut up to make tile hearth (tile not secured and broken in more than one place). Plywood firebox?! Flue to nowhere with collapsible stovepipe that goes up to 2nd floor and stops. Load bearing supporting wall removed not sure if there is a beam...
  7. Access to fourth bedroom is through another bedroom's closet and a "z" shape so you cannot get a boxspring or any other large furniture through.
I am going to stop now before I get depressed...to be continued...