Monday, July 7, 2014

A lull in the bathroom storm...

While we pause in the bathroom demolition and wait for the next stage called "dismantling the current plumbing", we decided to take a day (or two, or three) to tackle our summer to-do list.  Maybe your summer to-do list is filled with fun things like:

  • go to the beach
  • go on vacation
  • go to camp
  • have a cookout
Our to-do list has some little gems on it like:
  • rip apart three more rooms
  • throw the stuff that was in the rooms everywhere
  • walk around in a dust cloud for eight weeks
  • finish painting the side of the house
  • finish painting trim on the front of the house
  • re-order window grills that some dummy (me) broke three years ago
  • re-order window screen that some dummy (husband) tore when replacing front siding
I will stop get the point.

This past weekend, while also celebrating the 4th of July (on the 5th of July) we managed to get the first coat of paint on the west side of the house.  We actually have replaced all the windows on that side of the house and all the siding, but you can't tell.  You can't tell because the siding came primed in gray which blends with the rest of the existing house.  We could have had it primed in tan to fool you that it was finished, but that cost more money, so gray it is.

Here are some pictures of the progress.  We need to do a second coat and then all the trim work, but now it looks like we DID SOMETHING!!
The west side with new siding...but you can't tell!

The paint crew - they lasted about 15 minutes...

You want help...we'll give you careful what you ask for!

It is a family project. T said "thankfully it's the back side of the house"

The master painter, inspecting the work...

And body coat #1 is done!

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