Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blogging Ketchup

I realize that I have left my fans and readers in the lurch.  I hate to leave you hanging, but the truth is that we have been sucked into the dark whole vortex called home renovation.  It can be a very dark, scary place.  A place where there is never enough time, money or progress.

I haven't been blogging because the projects are just too overwhelming.  The progress that we have made has been swallowed by the list of things yet to-do.  I think maybe we took on WAY too much this summer.  The finish line is still hazy, a milestone that we don't dare attach a date to.

The truth is that it is hard to balance work, the house, and life.  And it is not always fun.  The house is sucking up every spare cent and looking for more.. It has chewed up my husband and spit out a stressed snarling beast.  

So now you know why I have been neglecting you. I was trying not to drag you down with me.  We are too far in to do anything but trudge on, for better or worse.

Perhaps what we need right now is a break.  Or a vacation.  Or a winning lottery ticket...  Or just a very long nap with the cat.