Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bathroom is primed...

T has been working hard on finishing up the wood trim in the bathroom. He is concentrating on the lower walls so that we can install the fixtures, toilet and sink (dare I put this in writing) on Friday. Yes, we are possibly two short (okay maybe long) days away from a functioning second bathroom!

I went to the hardware store and had the fun task of picking out trim paint. There are way too many shades of white. I thought I was buying Benjamin Moore Antique White, but ended up with Linen White instead. I had to take the chips outside into natural light to get a better sense of the colors.

I was quite shocked to find that price of paint had almost doubled since the last time I had purchased some. I paid $48 for one gallon of interior semi-gloss. I remember when not so long ago, you could paint an entire room for that.

The bathroom woodwork was primed last night and the first coat of paint will be going on tonight. My four-year old has taken over the heckling for me, he recently told my husband that "every morning I look in there [new bathroom] and nothing is different". It's funny to think that he is inspecting the work going on in there, but he was excited to come down this morning and find it all painted white.

Keep your fingers crossed!