Monday, March 31, 2014

NaBloPoMo April 2014

NaBloPoMo April 2014Here we go again, National Blog Posting Month where I vow to post something once a day for the entire 30 days of April.  Are you ready?  Get set....  Write....

Perhaps I will sleepwalk around my house that month, maybe even go outside?!  I could watch lots of sci-fi television before bed in honor of the occasion...  Lord knows we own every episode of Dr. Who that my oldest is obsessed with.  I even bought him a bow tie ("Bow ties are cool")  and he wears it.  With his sweatshirt.  And jeans.  Some things don't change.

Doctor Who prompts surge in popularity of bow ties!

Around the house, projects we have in store for you:  painting the West side, digging a trench for drainage (yes very exciting), burning things and raking up stuff, and tilling the garden.  We also plan to start demolishing the upstairs bathroom and while we are at it, the dining room (hey! why not).  Also, it is about time to call the PLASTERER for the hallway.  Now that will be exciting!  I mean walls are fabulous, but walls that can be painted a color are nirvana!

So stay tuned and check back often.  You never know what might be posted...