Thursday, October 18, 2012

The blasted door lock

I am still on my hunt for an appropriate privacy doorknob (aka way to keep out the lockers see Knockers and Lockers for full details) for the new bathroom.

We purchased one of these and thought we had a workable $7 solution...

Gatehouse 4" Oil-Rubbed Bronze Surface Bolt Set

Alas, the door is flush on the outside not inside.  I am sure there is some appropriate door lingo for this involving door jams and pre-hung doors, but I prefer to broadcast my ignorance of such things.  All I know is we would have to install this type of latch on the outside of the door which would be great for locking folks in the bathroom, but not so good at locking people out of the bathroom while it is in use...

[caption id="attachment_944" align="alignnone" width="225"] Inside of bathroom door- no way to have a flush latch.[/caption]

So we are back to the hook and eye solution  which we both decided was not ideal.

I have been scouring the Internet for some affordable, appropriate looking door knobs with privacy locks.  The issue I am running into currently is that I have a 1 1/4" width door.  New doors apparently are 1 3/8" and most of the knobs I am finding fit a 1 3/8" - 1 1/4" door.  My husband tells me that doors are like 2x4s which are no longer 2 inches by 4 inches.  He says a 1 3/8" door knob will fit fine.  I am skeptical about that other 1/8", but cannot get Google to confirm this.  So, I am ordering the door knob and hoping for the best...

I did find some nice door knobs made by Weslock at  Of course they were all back-ordered.  So now let's just hope it arrives before party time (2 weeks, three days) and that it FITS!!!

Weslock 2710I