Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Hoarder Among Us

With the fast approaching holidays, the need to reclaim order around the house is becoming more pressing.  Stuck at home on Friday with a sick kid I decided to try to tame the chaos.  Things were going well, laundry was put away, sheets changed, cobwebs vacuumed off the ceilings until I hit my four-year old's room and faced the drawer.

When you are four, the drawer is a special place to store treasures.  It is a big pull-out drawer under the bunk bed on wheels.  When you are an adult the drawer represents something entirely different.  Mostly I avoid the drawer.  I know it is there and I have a sense of what is in there, but as longs as it is shut it is easy to ignore.  The problem was, it was becoming difficult to close...

So, Mom tackled the drawer, and yes, Mom won.  Here is what I found there:

  1. About 50 cardboard toilet paper rolls squirreled away from the bathroom

  2. 8 sticks

  3. 2 acorns

  4. a plastic egg

  5. Very large pile of artwork, craft projects and paper with scribbles (aka more art)

  6. plastic Sutter Home Chardonnay bottle (?!)

  7. Miscellaneous assortment of small toys, silly bands, etc.

  8. 1 whoopee cushion

  9. 1 yellow plastic Lei

  10. 3 feathers

Once I was done and order was again established I realized that when a certain small someone opened the nice, neat drawer there were certain to be repercussions.  I decided a confession was in order under the guise of making more space for Christmas.  Thankfully the purging was met with approval.