Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeding the crows...

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My husband has invented a new bird feeding technique.  Most people buy feeders and birdseed for their feathered friends, but not us.  We have found that birds (especially bigger birds) really enjoy a nice freshly killed mouse for lunch.

Yup it's true, we are recycling our mousetrap casualties into bird food.  Yum...

Everything you wanted to know about American crows include diet (see below)  from the Common Crow.

American Crows eat a wide variety of foods, including: fruits, grains, nuts, acorns, snails, mussels, small birds, eggs, rabbits, mice, toads, crayfish, snakes, lizards, salamanders, rats, grasshoppers, cutworms, Junebugs, grubs, weevils, and other insects.

A major food source of crows is carrion. They are often seen eating dead animals on the sides of roads (or in our yard).