Sunday, December 12, 2010

Corner Gas Fireplace Design...

Our one central chimney is small and being used for the furnace.  I think originally the front living room had a wood stove (there is a patched spot that could have been originally from a stove pipe), but no fireplace.

I do miss my former fireplace.  It provides a room with beauty, a display shelf and a place to hang the Christmas stockings...not to mention there is nothing like cozying up to a fire during those cold winter storms. Shall we sing...well the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful...  You get the gist. 

To address these concerns I have talked the husband into getting a gas or pellet stove.  They have these great direct vent zero clearance stoves that put out a lot of heat and will assuage my fireplace longings.  We debated the gas/pellet pros and cons (I won't bore you with all that) and decided that we have enough to do around here we want the easiest option with zero (okay very little) maintenance.  Plus we have already used up our tax credit on windows so we wouldn't get the 30% discount on the pellet one..

Anyway, I have been busy trying to figure out where to stick it (I need an outside wall not next to the window we are putting back).  I am opting for the corner since I think it would give the most viewing area.  I also want it to look like it belongs there (no modern stoves).  So I have been looking into hearths and mantels and brink refractories, and door faces and styles.  Here are a few that I like:

I think I am leaning towards white...  I also like the rustic look of wood, but then I have to consider matching the wood trim on the furniture which is a little more on the formal side...

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