Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bathroom schmathroom...

Do you remember way back in the summer of 2010 when I said "there is no way we can live with one bathroom?!" and the consensus was that the first thing we would do would be to add another one..

Well, it has been 17 months now and wait! before you get too excited, no we still don't have another bathroom.  I would like to think we are making progress towards that goal, but we have hit yet another hurdle...

T realized that his plan to re-support the beam holding up the big metal trestle that is holding up up the house involved jacking up the hallway.  It is probably not a very smart idea to tile the bathroom floor and then jack up the wall next to it.  He has a point.

So he was in the basement today squirting fire-retardant foam insulation around the new electrical wires and I thought digging through the concrete for the cement footing to anchor the new beam to.  However, when I went down there I found this:

[caption id="attachment_658" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="What? This doesn't look bathroom related to you?"][/caption]

Apparently while foaming wires he decided that it was a good idea to rip out all the existing insulation in the basement and clean it up.  I took a very deep calming breath and said, "I am not sure I agree with your timing here.  Do you think February is a good time to take out insulation?".

He said it wasn't doing much anyway, was all mice nests and filthy.  To be fair, the way they attached the insulation was to nail strips of lath to it.  The last thing you want to do is compress bats of insulation.  Very inefficient, but still it might have been doing a little something.

[caption id="attachment_659" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The piles of lath used to hold up insulation"][/caption]

So I guess once he picks up this mess and finishes with the foam he can call the building inspector to inspect the windows, siding, and insulation.  Once that is signed off on we could start back on the bathroom, but wait! first we must fix the beam.

Oh and the very excellent news is that once he removed the insulation he found some very badly rotted sills.  OF COURSE HE DID.  Don't worry, to fix that all we have to do is replace the sill boards and rebuild the porch.  Piece of cake.