Monday, February 24, 2014

What does the tooth fairy do about swallowed teeth?

Friday, February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day.  I know you are all planning to celebrate.

In honor of the Tooth Fairy, and Tooth Fairy Day, here is another post about teeth.

My youngest has lost two baby teeth.  The teeth apparently were loose.  He told no one.  One day his Mother noticed something funny about his smile.  She said, "Hey, open your mouth again."  Sure enough there was a gap which previously was a tooth.

Mom felt a little guilty for not noticing sooner, or realizing he even *had* a loose tooth.  "Where did the tooth go?" she asked.  The child had no idea.  He said it hurt a little bit in gym class.  He did not notice anything falling out of his mouth.  Perhaps it was swallowed?  Child gave Mom a perplexed look.  There was no mention of the Tooth Fairy...

Then it happened AGAIN.  Same story, loose tooth, quiet child, tooth so loose it falls out on own, unbeknownst to child, unbeknownst to Mom.  Mom notices another gap.  Hmmm...this may be becoming a pattern.

Who swallows their own teeth?  I made child promise to alert me if anything else wiggles.  Oldest child (who is more concerned about the lost cash) suggested he write a note to the Tooth Fairy, explaining about the missing teeth.  So far, no note has appeared, that I am aware of. Apparently I am not aware of all things that go on in the mouths and minds of my children.  The middle child suggested that maybe if he manages to keep the next one that falls out that the Tooth Fairy will make up the lost funds then and that tooth will be worth three!

After doing some "research" online it appears that a good Mother would have helped her child write a note and of course the tooth fairy would come as it is a first tooth (or ahem, second).  Unfortunately too much time has gone by now and any tooth fairy appearance would just be suspicious...

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