Monday, February 24, 2014

More sleepwalking...
Just the other morning I woke up in the wrong bed, but wait, I can explain...

When I sleepwalk I am caught between my dream world and reality.  I am not quite awake, but not deeply asleep either.  Sometimes this helps me remember the reasons behind my strange nighttime behavior.

About two days after my previous post on sleepwalking, I vaguely remember sitting straight up in bed.  The room had been hijacked and also the bed.  I am not sure who or what was sabotaging the room and bed, those details aren't clear, but sabotaged it was.

I remember lying back down and debating with myself whether or not it was worth risking the effects of the sabotage and just trying to go back to sleep.  Alas, that seemed too risky so I grabbed my pillow and headed off to another non-sabotaged bed.  I found the bottom bunk and crawled in with my six year old, who didn't notice.

About 3am I woke up to someone jabbing me in the shoulder.  "Hey, you're in the wrong bed.  Are you sleepwalking."  Clearly not.  Definitely sleeping.  I mumbled something, considered going back to my bed, but was too tired and my limbs would not cooperate so I stayed where I was and slept on.

About six a.m. I wandered back into my own room, my six year old none the wiser.  The next morning I commented that had I been up to it, I really could have gotten far in the four hours it took someone to notice I was missing...but hey, at least he looked.  And, for what it's worth, at least I have yet to leave the house.