Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Stinky Dead Things...

Digging for Dead Treasure
So once again the kitchen is filled with a strange bad smell.  It seemed to be coming from the room off the kitchen aka T's workshop or Ed's freakshow or the crap room.

T feared that it has something to do with the 2-seater outhouse that's in there.  Maybe they never pumped it out or the wetness was causing whatever remained to get churned up and stink.  It didn't smell like septic though (and yes I am also very familiar with that smell).  I told him it was Ed decomposing under the house (the previous owner whom he blames for all the quality craftsmanship or lack thereof).

So last night he got the flashlight and went down the basement stairs (which are still treacherous and not fixed) to peer in-between the wall slats and look under the floor in the "crap room".  He called me over to look at the furry creature he could see that appeared (and smelled) to dead by the old crapper. This is a picture of T digging under the house (the foundation consists of a few rocks and some cinder blocks if you are lucky) to try and scoop up the beast.
Not enjoying himself...
And this is T with toilet paper stuffed up his nose to try and deaden the horrible smell while he retrieves the creature.  He wasn't happy about the camera either.  I wanted to video him but the dry heaving and profanities would have been a problem for you tender viewers.

We did successfully remove the offending creature.  It turned out to be a very large possum that apparently crawled under the house to die.  The weird thing is that when we were looking at this house, this particular room had a similar smell and in September T found a dessicated skeleton of another possum...hmmm...

The source of the stench - a possum bigger than my house cat!  He is now buried way out in the back yard and the house has been aired out.

On another note, T found two dead baby bunnies in the well.  Shall we take the toll - one squirrel, countless mice, one snake, two possum, two baby bunnies...let's hope that is all for this year anyway.